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Four Questions about Change 2010/04/15

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People basically have a negative attitude to change. It does not matter if it is self that has been proposed to apply change or if there is someone else, the setting is the same. In order for us humans to change our attitude and then finally accept this ongoing change process as it applies to some basic questions answered.

1)The first question to be answered is why?
Why do we do this? What is it good for? A major problem with getting past this phase is that management often has a different view of how this question should be answered as compared to the regular employees. Management often think that a public information session is enough to get everyone’s confidence, but this is not the case.

2) The second question to answer is what I do?
What about me? It is not especially large changes to the type of questions should arise. The point of the uncertainty of one’s own work and it can transform the most loyal workers.

3) The third question to be answered in order to come to peace with the changes is how?
How is it done? How do we solve this? What about? The third question asked by people who are relatively far forward in the process of accepting change and it augurs well that this issue is when it appears that the person will contribute to the solution to any problems that might arise.

4) The fourth and final question that usually occur is if?
If we do this, then we can also solve this problem. When people have reached this last part of the process as they begin to see potential opportunities and improvements, and the negativity is usually completely gone now. People who have reached this phase starts now to help and encourage their colleagues and the whole process of change begins to run smoothly and relatively conflict-free. As illustrated in the following
figure so have people who have reached the last part has overcome the uphill climb as the first three parts are in. It is only when the crest is passed by the positive attitude begins to appear.



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