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Change the change focus 2010/04/13

Posted by mourelatos in Management.

Organisations in order to be able to sustain long term profitability and a good efficiency in the long term requires an ability to change and renew itself regularly.
The goal of these changes is always to improve the current situation. These changes can adopt a number of different guises question in size and underlying causes.
They can be long term or short-term, temporary or permanent, and they can occur because of external or internal demands.

Changes resistance
The overall resistance in change that exists can be very different and wide-ranging depending on the extent of change in question is expected to have.
Resistance to change tends to be particularly strong if:

  • it is a profound and radical change
  • it is an unexpected and sudden changes.
  • the changes which the people are involved feel they going to lose from the change.
  • the background, purpose and reasons for the change is diffuse and unclear. The change therefore creates uncertainty.
  • you have negative experiences of past changes.

What to do
In order to respond to future market demands and increase profitability,  a vision and strategy has to be established by the organisation

  • The vision and strategy require new ways of working and thinking
  • The newly designed processes will result in major process changes and substantial benefits in terms of internal efficiency and effectiveness as well as increased value for the customer
  • To be able to implement the new processes and achieve their consecutive benefits, organisational change will be required, for example new roles, different staffing and competencies

The steps

  • Select a preferred system vendor
  • Develop a template based on standardised processes
  • Verify the template on one pilot site which has:
    -Site management commitment,
    -IT-architecture supporting standards
    -Provide the possibility of verifying the organizational requirements
    -Develop a leading practice solution based on the pilot
    -Implement selected solution in  phases over the next year(s)

Focus on

  • Change management
  • Process development
  • Organisational development while implementing the selected system
  • Implement solution in a sequence that optimises payback


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