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Create an Own Q&A Site 2010/04/06

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The concept of Q&A (questions and answers) on the web is nothing new. Although it probably started on IRC – one of the first ‘chat’ concepts, it quickly evolved into a more specialized concept, molding into forums, and evolving towards the still relatively new Question and Answer sites.

Websites like Yahoo! Answers and Blurtit have filled a market niche, where the clueless are paired with amateur professionals.

But the creators of Blurtit believed the potential of Q&A was still being underestimated. Rather than just a single niche – the mainstream audience targeted by Answers and Blurtit – they saw a need for more specialized groups. Especially the most wayward and atypical communities could make use of such a Q&A platform.


Qhub, developed by the Blurtit guys, is such a platform. It can be used by anyone to create their own highly customized Q&A sites to handle visitor questions and answers. Even you can, and in a matter of minutes. Right now, those sites are still hosted locally by Qhub, but even so, they can be easily integrated with other, existing sites.

In general, Qhub looks a lot like the mainstream Q&A sites, with a few remarkable differences. For starters, Qhub lets you choose between a public, or private community. For the more tech-savvy amongst us, Qhub also features a developer API.



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