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Investments in SOA will increase by 25% at 2013 2010/04/05

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The investments in SOA will increase by 25 percent at 2013, according to IDC. Cloud Services is one of the areas that drives growth.
Ruediger Spies, IDC analyst at IDC Europe says that the biggest growth in the SOA will be done in the United States. They may see an increase in investment of 24.7 percent, followed by EMEA with 24 percent . In Asia, the corresponding figure is 23.2 percent. The increase of the EMEA is lower than in the U.S. because “Europe already has a better architecture to it than American companies.” – Some say that SOA is dead. Nothing can be more wrong, “he said, also explained how SOA can be used as the basis for cloud-based services as a good SOA architecture facilitates integration with their systems,” said Ruediger Spies. He also said that SOA in general can help it to better meet the needs of the business. But to it is to succeed, companies must “think long term.” – Architecture is not any kind of project. It is a project that must be sustained over many years. SOA projects underway usually for longer than the lifespan of an ERP system is, about 12 -13 years.



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